Food Forest Card Game (Northern Hemisphere)

Food Forest Card Game (Northern Hemisphere)

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Food Forest is a unique, fun deck of cards that can be used to play games based on real-life food forest design*. The Food Forest games help adults and children understand how plants interact - both in a garden and in the wild. Players learn about companion planting, the layers of a forest, beneficial insects, and principles of permanent agriculture, or Permaculture.

This deck comes with instructions for two games. More games for the Food Forest cards can be found online. You can even design your own games and cards with this deck! In addition, many food forest designers use the deck to brainstorm companion plantings and garden layouts. It is an inspiring tool for designing your own food forest!

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* Note to Australians and other Southern hemisphere folks: in the printed version, north shading is oriented for the Northern hemisphere. There is, however, a printable PDF version made just for you! The Southern hemisphere version is only available as a PDF because of own printing costs. We hope, someday, to also make a printed version available to you. In the meantime, if you choose to buy the actual deck, you will need to imagine that any shading on the N is actually applied to the S. This should not affect game play very much, but might feel a bit upside down at times! If you request it, I will be happy to provide a Southern PDF version for free to anyone from the Southern hemisphere who buys a full deck of cards. Just remember to email your request to