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Pawpaw Tasting and Cold Stratification Workshop
I have found that cold stratification, and the reasons for it, makes for a good teaching opportunity with children in 4th through 6th grades – especially as a fall project, when most planting is several months away.
I created this workshop with pawpaws but the general format can be modified for apples, pears, or stone fruit like peaches and plums.
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Free healthy eating crossword puzzle11/1/2016
Fruit and Nut Tree Crossword for 3 grade +
Fruit tree planting is essential to regenerative agriculture. I like to take every opportunity to engage students with activities that reinforce the importance of perennial agriculture with familiar and unfamiliar trees.
Trees are the backbone of any food forest and, thus, hold a special place in my heart. I designed this crossword puzzle to give kids a fun activity to take home, or do in class, after my workshops.
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Garden weeding workshop image11/20/2016
Weeding and Mulching workshop - with Scavenger Hunt
I used to have a hard time getting upper elementary kids excited about weeding. . I would bring the students to the garden, point out the plants we wanted to keep and ask them to pull out anything that didn’t look like such-and-such. This didn’t work very well and would, inevitably, end up with many kids wandering off and hitting each other with sticks.
Now that I’ve figured it out, and turned it into a sensory-stimulating scavenger hunt, my weeding workshop is a favorite with the kids.
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