Understanding The Playing Cards
A beginner's guide to cards and symbols...
In order play any game with this deck, you must understand the icons and other elements on the cards. To learn more, check out the following PDF:
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Please note: even with tested games, we are always open to suggestions and improvements. Let us know how you enjoy playing the games. Your ideas may very well be better than our own!


A simple matching game for 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up. Picklet is a very simple matching game suitable for kids and beginner adults. Children will be happy to play this game indefinitely. Adults may soon feel the need to graduate to more complex games. Either way, this game is an exciting and energetic game for the entire family.
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Multi-Player Solitaire
Multi-player solitaire pits you against yourself, to build an efficient, regenerative homestead.
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House is Wild
A competitive card game loosely based on Crazy Eights, wherein players try to match the cards in their hands with the cards at the top of the deck. The first player to discard her entire hand wins the game!
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A game of Regenerative Homesteading for 2 - 4 players
Stake a claim and rearrange the landscape to make it as productive as possible! This is a mildly competitive game where land acquisition, pest problems and natural disasters provide opportunities either for competition and cooperation. 
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A poker-style game for 2 - 6 players
Chicken is a guild-building, poker-style card game wherein you race against your opponents. You must balance the need to finish the hand quickly with the desire to acquire more points. By holding out for more points, you play a metaphorical "game of chicken" with your opponents, hoping that they do not beat you to winning the hand!
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Guilding the Dandelion
A fun, grouping game for 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up
A relatively new and untested game, Guilding the Dandelion is a game where players build "guilds" of plants (or other garden elements) by satisfying all of the input needs of at least one of the cards in the guild. Please help us improve this game!
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Your Own Game!
(coming soon)
Please submit any games you design and, assuming the instructions are clear enough, we will post them on this page. We are committed to crowd-sourcing games that can help people to learn more about building food forests.