Food Forest Printable PDF Card Game (in English or Dutch)

Food Forest Printable PDF Card Game (in English or Dutch)

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This is the printable PDF version of the Food Forest card game.  With this order you will receive a link to a printable PDF download that you can print on card stock at home. The cards may be printed either in English (Northern or Southern hemisphere versions) or in Dutch.

Food Forest is a unique, fun deck of cards that can be used to play games based on natural, organic gardening. Food Forest games help adults and children understand how plants interact - both in a garden and in the wild. Players learn about companion planting, the layers of a forest, beneficial insects, and principles of permanent agriculture, or Permaculture.

This deck comes with instructions for two games that can be played with the cards.  More games can be found online, and you can even design your own! This deck is also an inspiring tool for designing your own food forest.

Note to Australians and other Southern hemisphere folks: the Southern hemisphere version is only available as a PDF because of current printing costs. We hope, someday, to also make a printed version available.